Get the Signs, Get Life

“Get out old man! What are you doing here in my living room?” Shaiyna shouted over Ram Babu (Shaiyna is his daughter-in-law). Ram babu was a shopkeeper and during his young days he spent all the money to make his son well-educated and got the best of education. Now, Shivam (his son) is a deputy in charge in income tax department. This happens almost every day with him, whenever he tries to get a little attention or a bit more convenience from his son or daughter in law, he gets more negligence. Ram Babu used to spend his days in a guest room. He sometimes enters in Shivam’s room to talk, but his wife gets him out of their room and shut the doors on his face. He remembers how his beloved wife asked him to save something for their old age or at least let the son live with them instead of hostel, so that the bond of father-son shall remain alive. But Ram babu always denied her words and aimed to get the best of education for his son by sending him in a hostel.  Shivam got selected for his government job and the day come when he got married to a beautiful and educated girl like him who also worked as a government employee in the same department.

father-son-bond“Thank god you left early and made a place in heaven Shailja” Ram babu sighed while looking up on the sky. “Daddu, you can eat these sandwiches, I promise I will not tell anyone at home,” his 6 years old Aarush (grandson) looked at him with mercy and picked out a bread piece from his Tiffin to give him in his same old aluminium plate which was kept separately for him only.  The days passed by in the same grief of having no emotional attachment with his son. The days passed by in the same grief of not listening to those warnings that his wife used to give him always.

Sometimes we missed some of the warnings that life give us through our loved ones in hope of a better tomorrow we ignore today and thus it happens , he always thought of going back in the time where he could teach his son the values instead of making him the brightest mind ever.

We usually neglect signs that life gives to us. Never ignore them because in the end you will either left with happiness or loneliness.

The day comes when the old man Ram babu died and shivam had to take leave from his office. The couple made all dishes and completed his obsequy with rituals. They finally donated all the old man’s cloths at old age home. They threw his bedding out to make the room spacious. Suddenly Aarush shouted “what are you guys doing there with all that stuff? Can I please have that old aluminium plate and bowl of grandpa in which you give them food?” Couple looked at him and asked the reason for keeping the plate and bowl with him? Aarush told them “years after, you guys will also get old and just like dad did with grand pa, I will also give food to both of you in these plates and bowls.”The little Aarush answered and shocked the couple. This is now a warning for Shivam and Shaiyna. Will they ignore it just like Ram babu did? Or will they understand that they were lacking in taking the life with emotional perspective as well? Well, it depends on them.

Signs are created for making us understand about the things. Walking on a road when red light turns green is also a sign when you need to stop, it depends on you whether you understand and catch the right signal at right moment or not. It’s better to catch the right signals before you left with regression.


NOTE  – I thank my friend who told me this real life story and through which I got something purposeful to share.


14 thoughts on “Get the Signs, Get Life

  1. well wrote as u always do…the boy tought thier parent a nice lesson….and everyone knows the upcoming part but ..i hope u will present it in a more better way as every one think


    • That depends on his parents now. Aarush is still a kid, but with all his innocence he is actually the one who observed the things when his parents fail to do so. If they consider his words, may be they won’t face the same as Ram babu did.


  2. Anky this post really made me emotional…
    Right choice of words and very relevant quotes…
    If we spare a minute and think that whatever we are doing to our parents can be done in future to us by our kids we will stop behaving like that…


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