Pak-is-tan! So the Indian Government. Wake up Indians!

Every news channel and portal is filled with news of Sarabjit Singh’s death. People are now questioning about ‘his death’. While doing the research, I found that he was arrested by Pakistan in August 1990. Pak declared him a terrorist without any proof while his family claimed that Sarabjit was a devoted brother, husband, and father from a rural family in Punjab. He was just 26 at that time. In the jail, he was tortured by the policemen and slipped into deep coma. I don’t know about recent coverage. I just want to know where these critics and especially our Indian government were when he was in need of help. India is the second largest populated country that has 1,241,491,960 people, but not even 1/4th of it were there to support Sarabjit at that time. I think if there were people to ask questions about the matter that moment, then may be Sarabjit would be living happily with his family in Punjab.


Everyone is aware of our government that always fakes an illusion of perfection. And still, we were failed to choose right government for us! A fifth class student starts learning about the human rights and fundamental rights, but it seems after getting mature, people are getting dumb. “We-the people, for-the people, by-the people” is a well known term in our Indian constitution, but do we still remember its value? It’s always the same. When elections are near, our politicians serve a platter of promises and few lollipop schemes to us for grabbing votes and we do that what they want from us. Later, they slipped off their all platters and schemes with all the rights. It’s like a snake swallowing a rat!

They are planning and giving interviews for integrity and peace between Pakistan and India, but we know that is impossible, at least now. Several celebs including Salman Khan have condemned Sarabjit Singh’s death.


Sometimes I just feel betrayed as an Indian. We are neither safe inside the country nor outside it. Most of the rape cases are heard in our country. What is our government here for? TO MAKE MONEY! Of course, it is. We are the people who choose the candidates and later, we criticize them. It’s not their mistake. It’s our mistake, as we have chosen them for our country. The word “politician” is so much gets polluted and everyone has now his own opinion about it. Some say a politician can never work selflessly. Some state them as a dog; well, a dog is more dedicated animal to his master. Calling them dog will be like insulting a dog community. Isn’t?

Sarabjit was an Indian prisoner who died in a Pakistan hospital on Thursday. It’s just news that we got to know today. We still don’t know how many Sarabjit are there and how many were died before him. Government says – “we are working on it. We will support his family and offer government job to his children.” Is this enough to make citizens secure for future? Where was this support when he was needed? Where was the media? Where were these celebs? I read it somewhere “Gareeb ki koi nahi sunta” (Nobody hears words of poor) and today, I find it true. It was Pakistan who tortured innocent Sarabjit for years just because they convicted him as a terrorist. He didn’t get food in the jail and beaten by corps and it’s India where Mumbai bomb blast‘ culprit Kasab got special attention. People are still unaware that our government has drained million of rupees over 26/11 terrorist Kasab. We still are blind-dumb-deaf.

What is missing? Anger? Intelligence? Money? It’s Unity. We need to get unite for our sake. Get up Indians, wake up! It’s a high time. Forget about the caste, religion or region. It’s you, I and every 18+ who vote and make the government. Realize the responsibility and make India a better country by making correct decisions. You are having the real power- voting power. Make a wise use of the power and save yOUR nation.


#I don’t hate the Indian government; I just hate the decision-making strategy of government.


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