!00th Special

100 post

So, it’s my hundredth post write up. I don’t know till when I will update this blog. Maybe for years… Who knows? I mean, I can’t predict what will happen with me in future, but that doesn’t mean I should ignore it. Of course, we are liable for what we were yesterday, but that doesn’t mean it will continue for today and tomorrow. Time changes faster than we think. I started this blog just like for fun when I was in school. I still can see my first post, but due to lack of knowledge, moreover unaware of the power of words, I stopped blogging. Few time later, I visit my blog and done posting again. I wonder why I could not understand the meaning of blogging that time. If I got to know about the same, I would have more knowledge. But, as they say, knowledge can never be enough, so I am happy that I know what it takes to be a good blogger.

Blogger is the person for whom we can use the word ‘Adroit.’ He is an artist in his own ways. A blogger always inspires his followers and retain the hold on his readers’ mind. Personally, I think he is the person who has potential to influence others by using the talent aptly. Socially, he admired by his fans as he writes for his own purpose – purpose-to-serve. After coming closer to year number 6, I think learning can never be finished. There is no time period to learn things, and no expiry date of learning guide. You can keep move on your track to gain more knowledge; it’s a drop that can never drop your thirst.

I am completing 6 years of my blogging days and I find that if your writing inspires lives, you can be a social blogger. This free spirit of yours can enlighten millions of lives. I named it ‘Free Spirit,’ many of my friends asked about the reason behind this name. Well, you can’t bind a spirit. It will move where it wants to. You can’t stop it, you can’t even divert it. If you try to do the same, it will penetrates your way. Yes, it’s a free spirit. It will go like this where it needs to. It’s a place where I can rule. It’s my world of words. I promise to share good thoughts, quotes, and stories with my readers. I hope they will feel glad after reading this post. Thank you followers, you motivate me! I write for myself, it’s true. But, I loved it when readers feedback about it. So, it’s my 100th post, with 304 comments and 366 followers. I hope you all will enjoy reading this too and don’t forget – feed blog with your comments! Aaah trust me, it’s necessary for it’s survival and growth.


Ankita Mahajan

Free Spirit


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