Insane guy II

Really an insane post.. Liked it 🙂

universal visitor

I will be back till 4:00 sweetheart….. I just saw a note written this laying down near the bed… fuck…….. it was there since i wokeup but i could not saw it in panic……. so finally i got some human rights here as the kidnapper atleast bother to leave me a note.. hell what is the time now ? i thought …

I was anyways left with no choice but to think and think …..  now all i had to do there was to get some cloths which was only possible thru the bed sheet and to get some food which was possible thru the lizard i saw on the roof side ….. but practically both the ideas were not possible so i simply wrapped the bed sheet around and focused my self on the lizard which was enjoying her lunch probably that time … poor flies….

And poor me……

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