Running an online Institution with Office 365

Yes, that’s my dream business where people can educate themselves about things in which they are interested. Microsoft has just launched an alluring application – Office 365. This cool app serves many features.

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Like Sharepoint, through which teachers and professors can share notes and projects with the students and with eachother. They can manage to study online and ask their tutors queries related to their course. With the help of Sharepoint, it is possible to store and sync all the documents that require just a click to access by students, even if teachers are offline or unavailable. Visiting library is now becomes an old idea. With Sharepoint, students and teachers can study online together.


Engineers can use Visio that provide them a rich set of different shapes and stensils. So, teachers don’t need to work out a lot for making diagrams to make their students understand about the matter.


If I need to hire any professor, I don’t need any office to meet and take his/her interview. I can simply use the Lync product of Office 365 and catch him/her in audio conference. Yes, you can call, chat, take telephonic interviews and  LYNC meetings. Office 365 is compact software that gives you a completely boss feeling. No matter if you are at your friend’s place, you carry your office in your Smartphone. Students can also make call and clear doubts about their study material (if they have any).

If I get an opportunity to try Office 365, I will surely use it and make my dream come true. After all, every one seeks for education and this application will help and make a huge contribution towards healthy environment too! Yes, it makes your world paperless. So, I  got another reason to  use this app. Explore Office 365 and get everything out of it.



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