Music Inspires Me

Most of the people groove, admire, and sing with their favorite tunes. Some say it’s their life, some say it’s a divine, but I think it’s a beat that you can find in everything present in this universe. Do you remember when it rain, the dazzling drops fall on the ground and produce that tip-tip sound? That morning alarm, which wakes you up, that tick-tock sound of the clock, that beep-beep horn of your car; you can find it everywhere and nowhere. Music is what that makes you smile, music is what that makes you cry, and music is what that makes you come ALIVE. I feel it’s an inseparable thing. Inseparable because you can’t stay away from it, no matter how much you try.

Music is a kind of medicine that has a healing power. It can amuse-a-sic and make him dance on the floor. I find it right whenever I start listen my favorite list when I feel low.  Music inspires life, music inspires me. I find it everywhere, or may be always I notice its presence. It’s just need ears to capture. Nowadays, we have smartphone, ipod, ipad, and other gadgets, but I still remember when in 90’s we were used to of hearing radio and recording our favorite tracks in the tape. Those were truly golden days that I enjoyed. Music has no boundaries, it is true. I remember when I heard a Bengali song in one of my friend’s mobile. I was unfamiliar with the meanings, but then I find the rhythms so soothing. You don’t need to understand it, you eventually enjoy. I have a list of tracks including western, classic, hip-hop, love and romance. It’s a great fusion that brings me back to my own world, where I find myself grooving.  Coke studio, Rahat Fatah Ali khan, Mohit Chauhan, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal are my all time favorite. I like sensational music of Enrique and find too romantic at times. It acts like a stress buster for me.

In short, music serves its best 😉 You can have what you like to hear. There is one language in the world of music i.e. beats. It can only inspire, it can only make you feel good. It’s the best way to visit your own world.



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