It’s my first sight love – for technology

I always call Sunday – my sleeping day. So lazy to go anywhere, so drowsy to meet friends, but today, it was something special that never happen before. One of my school friends told me about Indiblogger meet and wanted me to join him there. We talked about the meets last night and I told him that I have never been into such meets as I did not find any company to go there. I checked on the site, but could not find seats for registration. I said him “I will join maybe next time”. It was around 11 a.m. when my mom wakes me up. He whatsapp me after time and told me about the two seats that could be filled soon by anytime. Last night there were no seats, and I felt lucky to get enrolled that moment.


‘Indiblogger meet,’ I always heard about such meetings, but always find reasons to skip them. Cursing the job is really a bad idea, but at least I would have bunk a day for @indiblogger meet for once in past. And thank God it was Sunday! Otherwise, I would have missed this opportunity to become a part of Indiblogger.

Time to write about Microsoft Office365

A dark room, with brainy spirits was giving me Goosebumps. I felt like I am out of this planet for a while. That very first starting anthem, roaring out loud was super fun for me. Technology that Microsoft introduced this time is immensely handy and for that all you need is a windows phone (soon it will be available at other platforms too).

The app named as Office 365 is actually a cloud technology. I think they named it right! Clouds are the thing that follows you; wherever you go, you will see them just watching up anytime. This same is with Microsoft office365 app. All you need is to synchronize your desktop, laptop, tablet or your handset with an internet connection. If you have all these things, you can work with flexibility. Microsoft is running this software in a Microsoft data center, where you simply connect via internet and access the app.

Don’t ask me why I am writing all this. If you are a blogger, or a businessman, or a website owner, I think I am doing a really great job by posting about app Office365.  See, it’s not about working and spending nights at your workplace. When you have Office365 app, you can make your home a better workplace. In this, you can save your documents, and anytime make them edit, or share within your company at a time. Thinking about security? Well, you can use this application without sacrificing your privacy or secrecy. Microsoft office 365 keeps your data private that you can’t lose until you want to. Isn’t cool? You can decide with whom you want to share and make your data visible.

This app also provides instant messaging, calling and conferencing. Yes, you just need to click to say ‘hello’ to your world. It does not matter whether you are operating it from your bathroom or in a party; you can share, edit, call, schedule meetings, plan out your day, access contacts, files and anything present in your gadget.

I think you should use it for once at least. I have fallen for the technology first time. I know we are living in the world – a smart one. I have friends using smartphones to meet up with their smart lifestyle. Office 365 is truly made to run this smart lifestyle smoothly in an efficient way.  I wish I would also have a windows phone to experience this software and explore more about it.


Let’s talk about the experience

It was a ‘wow’ feeling to be there at Indiblogger meet. That was my first time when I was attending any of the meetings Indiblogger announced. I got a T-shirt that I will definitely going to wear at my workplace  just to ‘show-off’ a little 😉 I also won a Microsoft Arc mouse in the meet and it was like how can that happen dude? Anyways, the best part is I can say proudly that I’m a part of Indiblogger now. Goodies are for the time being, but the bond that we all created and shared at the meet is for life. The energy, the vibes, and the spirit are eternal. CHEERS to Indiblogger Team!!!!!



7 thoughts on “It’s my first sight love – for technology

  1. Wow! Wish I could be there too. In Mumbai right now. Mine too will be the first such meet this weekend, on 20th in Gurgaon. Let’s catch up.


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