Love without regret



It’s love when he can say “I Love You”Β 

while looking into her eyes

It’s love when he cares for her in real
and not in words

It’s love when she is with you

even when you can’t buy a rose for her

It’s love she loves you
and can’t express the term “how much”

It’s love when they are happy for each other
even if they don’t celebrate the time together
It’s love when they both feel lucky
as they met each other in this life- one life

It’s love when you still smile
while thinking of all that good time
It’s love when you could find him/ her in these lines
even if you left with memories

It’s love when you don’t have any guilt or grudge inside
when you give it all with all your passion, without regret
your soul was pure, and will remain pure


# Thanks to God for what he has taken away from you because at the end, he gives you what is the best for you


5 thoughts on “Love without regret

  1. love is expressive life.
    one who falls in it can feel things going on in her mind without any speach.
    nice lines ankita……..


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