A normal life with abnormality

I remember an incident happened to my known when she was around 10.  She lived in a joint family and had cousins of her age group. It was a day when no adult was at home and she was with her cousins including seven sisters and eight brothers. One of her male cousins tried on her, but fortunately, she escaped and saved herself. She did not tell anyone in his family or you can say she could not. Not because she was afraid of him, but she was too small to understand what had happened to her in actual.

Time was passing, years were making her grow, and she started understanding the things related to the life. She was now aware of the incident happened to her. A kid was become a part of an abuse when she was just 10. She could never forget the incident and did not forgive the culprit!

Later, she was in her graduation period. A young girl who is having lots of dreams to come true! She was then faced molestation and such offers to get a job. She does not have any option, but to deny everyone who came with same platter.

“Sattha sudharahin satasangati paa-yee: paarasa parasa kudhaata sohaa-yee
Bidhibasa sujana kusangati paraheen: phani-mani-sama nija guna anusaraheen”

A base metal becomes gold by contact with the alchemist’s stone. In the same way, the company of holy persons transforms wicked persons. And if mischance a holy person falls into bad company, he protects his goodness in the same way that the legendary jewel in the snake’s head saves it from poison.

This was the thing she used to apply in her life. But, unfortunately circumstances make her to forget her own policy of life. She met with some wrong ones and the bad time was just started. All long, she had a companion, but due to the lifestyle she was living made her to left everything behind. There was no friend to take her for outing, not her love to take care of. People said after death a person can either goes to heaven or into hell, but she was living… living in hell. She wished someone would have been there to take her out of everything. She wanted to live like a butterfly- symbol of a pure life. She could not tell anyone what is happening and where she is; not even her own shadow that left her every night in one dark room with a strange life. She missed a lot the one she loved the most in her bad time, but could not do anything. She used to think every day, why he left when she asked him to leave? He could rather find reasons behind her strange and odd behavior. He could have saved her while being with her. But, then instead of blaming him, she blamed her KARMA of past life. She did not have much thing, except those few packets of condoms and contraceptives in her bag. She could have told someone then to release her from that pathetic life, but she needs a lot of guts to say it to any person.

She met a person in the journey, who came as an eye opener in her life. She was living in between the clouds and he cleared the fog and told the wrongs. She quit that life and gives a new start to her life. Although it was a statement – “you can live a normal life”, but she knows it will take years or rather a whole life to bring back into a normal living being. She told me her hardcore experience of life and cried at midnight.


It is true that after facing abnormal incidents in life, no one can turns to a normal living being. The person needs moral support more than wishes that his relatives do for him. Surely, there is a way to start of normal life, but abnormality will always follow them till the end.

I have written this post not to entertain my readers, but to understand that how difficult the things are and especially for a girl. The recent incident of gang rape, where 6 men raped a 23 year old girl and destroyed all her body could be an example. She is battling for her life now, and if survive, she can’t live a normal life.

Things are getting nastiest and government making plans of making India a better country to live. I can’t understand on what plans they are working? May be how to fill their pockets with money and bribe! Why government don’t understand that we need a strong law against the crime female exploitation. There should be a fixed punishment for rapists. From now, I am strongly not in a mood to support CAPITAL PUNISHMENT; I would rather support IMPOTENT PUNISHMENT. I think it will create a fear at least between such people heading towards humiliating crime. The victim is not a deserving person to live an abnormal life, but a culprit is.


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