What does a relationship demands?

You may have heard that people who are usually having  their beloved in their life are used to of doing something special for them. Some tell their feelings by saying those 3 magical words, some just express them in words and some just act. In love, no matter who loves more, you should be able to express aptly whatever you feel like. If you are angry, show that anger on the same person, if you are hurt, show them that you are hurt because of them. It is the only way to sort out problems in the relationships.

See, if you can’t share your problems and if you can’t express what exactly you feel are two different situations. The difference is the level of trust in first problem and level of confidence and faith in the second one. When you trust your partner, you will share each and every problem of your life expressively. You will not think twice whether I should tell him/her about the matter or not. That shows how much you have trust on him/her and how well he/she can handle it. The case of failure in expressing your thoughts and feelings is totally different. At times, you want to tell, but don’t know how and when to tell. And, then the problem of misunderstanding arises.

It is a suggestion that you should at least try to express a little by giving the hints or clues. If they are much capable of understanding them, they will surely help you out in the situation. It is as simple as that you are seeing yourself into the mirror and clearing all your marks or spots with its help. You should have faith in your partner that he/she will understand the situation and you of course. A relationship is about trusting, hoping, respecting with all of faith and love.

You should respect the emotions and feelings of your partner and try to understand what they want to say. The best way to pamper them in such situation is simply give them a warm hug. Sometimes, it does wonder. Just get them close to you and make them feel comfortable, so that they can tell and share views and thoughts running in the mind. If the matter is serious, never show anger as it may ruin the situation. Try to cope up and understand your partner. Why did he/she is  saying the words, try to find or calculate the reasons behind it instead. A great relationship does not start with mature minds, there is a need of understanding. Even an immature person can understands well. All you need is to stop judging people and try to love them as they are.


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19 thoughts on “What does a relationship demands?

  1. hey thanks for saying these words.
    even your words satisfy my mind that some frnds is there the to help me.
    thank you……


  2. realy ankita these words have changed my point of view about relation ship.
    hope i will do my best to make her life happy and comfortable.
    thanks for meaningfull help.


  3. I would really be interested in reading on your thoughts about inter-caste relationships and the implications that arise from this type of union.


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  5. Just one thing… do what you want to do but make decision after knowing the things… may be she is doing work on it… fb is a social networking site… she cant be on fb or on blog 24*7 neither she can study for 24*7… say logically


  6. Bull Sh*** she is 24 X 7 on fb and i can bet shez reading d blog even now………….. i guess i have to deactivate my account :/


  7. If she understands, she will definitely not going to disappoint you and your expectations any how gaurav. And when it comes to a situation like as you said masters Exams and the sacrifice… You are NOT ALONE I guess… If there is a silent from your side that means she is not also talking even on messages. At times, she do want to have long conversation. But, I think she is also aware about your concern about her. All the best for the plans sweetheart. Take Care


  8. nicely written…………. but sometimes we have to be hard and rude to confirm our love should not spoil our beloved…. they may be understand the feelings we have for them but a silence sometimes is more power full then a thousand spoken words……. LOVE CONQUERS ALL…… but there are things which can not be done once the time gone………… like mass com masters EXAMS………. i guess a beloved should understand her beloved’s sacrifice of not talking to her, not even on messages. that may be because he want her to concentrate on studies and he might have some wonderful plans once after the exams get finish….. ALL a relationship demands is not only UNDERSTANDING… but RESPECT for the other’s SACRIFICE as well…. and one hopes to not get disappoint


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