It was me!!

A dark room, a lonely place, I was breathing when nobody was there. I was remembering some days, some mistakes and some deeds of my life. It was me who was unaware about the crowd that surrounds me. I don’t know! Why these sigh? Conditions, intentions, or tensions… some people have never precise me!! It was me… who cried all nights… It was me… who was torn apart… Life shows me the unexpected things… Life made me to believe in unexpected things… Where I am? The girl is lost… I looked after her… I chased her… It was me who was searching me again… The soul fought, trampled and then shouted and punished her… That jolly, beautiful and charming have turned into rude, displeased and almost bruised by the wounds given by the world “her own world”. There were friends, love, family and socialites who all have come with some memories, advises, experiences and lessons.

It was me in a hollow world having the emptiness inside the soul… I looked up, I searched up and I closed up… It was me who was fighting for being me with the world… Somehow they ignore me, somewhat they changed me! It was me in the war fought all alone in a dark room, a lonely place and I was breathing when nobody was there.Image


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