When I said- Every day is a mother’s day mom

I remembered my school days when she came along with me to the gate of the school. I remembered how much I cried just to take me back at home, I remembered when I used to say her that why don’t you love me more than my brother… I now realized, she loves me, she cares for me and I am everything for her. She does not say it fully, but I can see it in her eyes. She is my mom, I know her since when I was not present between this crowd. So true she is, so beautiful with some loose patch skin… I neglect that when I need her, she also needs me the most… She is getting older and older; time seems like it’s flying… I can’t stop it, but yeah I can make everyday special just for you mom. It’s mother’s day that today the whole world is celebrating… But for me.. Every day is a mother’s day mom… May be I was not at all a perfect daughter yet. I promise to make your every day more special now… It’s not about proving myself to you mother… It is about the love that I want to express not in words, but in deeds…


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