Mother gifts her child a new life on Mother’s Day

Karnataka: A mother is an essence of pure love and emotions. She is the only person who does not know about limits when the matter is about the concern and care of her child. Once again, a mother showed her unconditional love by gifting her son a new life in the hospital in Hubli. A 15 year old Amarnath Shidagantimath was suffering from kidney related problems from past few years. His mother Mahantavva- a homemaker has given her kidney to her son and secured his life.

In the beginning, the child was treated with medicines and later doctors recommended dialysis for him. The last two years were full of miseries for the whole family of Amarnath. He had to come to hospital twice a week for the dialysis. His father Veerabhadrayya Shidagantimath- a man who earns his living from agricultural land that he owns in Ingalahalli of Hubli taluk. In the family, there are total three sons and the family is shifted to Hubli from Ingalahalli for the sake of their children education. The eldest son is pursuing engineering and the elder one is doing a diploma course. Amarnath is the youngest son of the couple who has now quit his studies after class VI due to his kidney ailment.

The cost of the treatment of dialysis found unbearable by the family after years. The condition of Amarnath becomes worsened and doctors stated that he can survive only with the kidney transplant. The family searched for kidney donor anxiously. The time was flying and so the days were passing, but they could not find out a single kidney donor to save their child’ life. “When we failed to find a donor for our child, my wife came forward to donate her kidney. Doctors done their lab tests and declared her a suitable donor. The kidney transplantation took place on Thursday and our son is now recovering.” Said Veerabhadrayya. “I salute my wife for her sacrifice that she had done for our son with all greatness and selflessness. He added this later in his comments.

After three years struggle with dialysis, the boy is now recovering now and doctors have permitted the family that they can now discharge the patient.


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