Facebook Company and the journey of $100 billion

It has started when Mark Zuckerberg thought for launching a social networking site “Facebook” in February 2004. In the beginning, it was just an exclusive social network for Harvard University, America. After completing seven months process, the feature of “wall” has been launched by the Facebook. And yes of course, it is one of the most happening features as people can share their celebrations, posts and everything with their social crowd of the university. In the September 2006, Facebook allowed public to be a part of family and invited 13+ to join it. Before that, it was limited to colleges, schools and companies. During that period, this social network acted like a news portal where people found several pieces of news in the form of feeds.

In May 2007, Facebook took the second big initiative that pushed it into a great league. It introduces the platform that allows programmers to create their apps. The tsunami of thousands of small apps- games, quizzes, music, etc. was created by the developer teams. Do you know? In October 2007, Microsoft offered a proposal of $240 million investment for a 1.6% stake valuing Facebook when it astounding at $15 biilion. In the same year, Facebook introduced its advertising program Beacon in the month of November. But, a huge backlash leads a forceful withdrawal of the program by facebook. The team hires Sheryl Sandberg as chief operating officer from the rival Google. And according to an observation, this was the best decision made by Mark Zuckerberg to help his company and take it to the top. When you are online on facebook, you may like a status or a picture of your friends.

Do you know? This amazing like feature was introduced in the February 2009 that shows the preferences of the users of the site. June 2009 became a memorable period for Facebook team. It becomes the king of the social networking world by giving throat-cut competition to Myspace.

And now the new look that we can experience in the Facebook. Timeline was introduced by the team in September 2011, but it  came in the market in February 2012. As we know, it is a new version of the user profile page. You can make your profile more creative and impressive with this new look. Recently, you may have heard about the photo app company Instagram. Facebook snaps up it for $1 billion.


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