So What If We are Not One of You, We are Human Too – Eunuchs


We don’t need anything from the government and society. We are just asking for our human rights. We cry, we laugh, we breathe, we sing, we dance, we die; don’t forget that we are human too. We can do everything and even better than others, we are Eunuchs, don’t underestimate our powers…

They were four, asking for penny on the roads. Some cars were stopped to give them few bugs, while some of them just make them feel about their helplessness. They never give up their spirits. Every morning, one of them was always there and begs at the signals and others were sharing the happiness of newly married lives by singing and dancing in the couple’ house. We have quotas for schedule caste, schedule tribes and common man. Why the government did not count Eunuchs in the list? Why they are still singing and dancing on the occasions for making money? Why do they cannot work or job in a reputed company? So what if they are not one of us, how can people forget that they are human too? Why do they only go to NGOs, which are especially made for their breeds? Can’t they work with us? Is there anything right when people call them impotent?

The world is changing now and so the time as well. Every one of us knows about Bobby Darling and his deviance. But still we can see him on the screen. He is an actor who believes in delimiting gender a further in an old-school industry. I have read somewhere that he fought for his deviance with his family and succeeded. He is lucky that every Indian knows his talent and he achieved success with dignity. But, what if we talk about some other Bobby darlings begging on roads or dancing somewhere, what is their standard? Why they are treating so cruelly by their own society- Indian society? Government should make some privilege for Eunuchs, so that they can feel liberal and equal in the world, which we called “Democratic.” They can walk like us, they can breathe like us and they can speak like us. Then, why we set them in juxtaposition. There should be some job opportunities for these people, so that they can also live their ‘abnormal’ life normally.

picture source- google

This post is a part of Indiblogger contest- Stayfree “Time to change.” Raise the voice and make a difference is a thought behind this contest.


4 thoughts on “So What If We are Not One of You, We are Human Too – Eunuchs

  1. Wow. This is different. A refreshing change from all the boring posts about women equality, domestic violence et al. A far cry from all the other posts. Brilliant read, Ankita. Absolutely brilliant.


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