Can sentence to death full stop the rape cases?

Being a Delhiite, I can say that Delhi/NCR is not at all safe for women, especially who are self-employed. It’s a place, where you can easily find cases of women assaulting and prostitution. There was the news of rape case in the past week, in which 4 people have done gang rape with a working woman. She was returning to the home and they drag her in their car on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway. Now the question arises- who is responsible for the incident? The girl, who was going back to her home after completing her work in the office or the police, who believe that rape incidents are depend on the timings. It is appalling how Gurgaon police drawn a statement to prevent rape cases- “Women should not work after 8 pm to avoid rape.”  According to this statement, women are safer in the daytime. Is that so? I don’t know why police don’t accept their flaws and help women by giving them protection.

When we think about the solutions, fewer say cab facilities should be provided in the late night and hire guards to drop the lady worker at her home. Well! I think these are just temporary tricks to avoid rapes. Government should take austere initiative to blackout such cases. If a person is found as a criminal and arrested in a rape case, then there should be only one punishment for him- sentence to death. Time has changed now and so the mentality of the society. It is true that in 90’s, people believe in “don’t hate the criminal, hate the crime.” But now, I think we should hate the criminal and his crime of course. We cannot prevent such cases, but we can stop them. For these criminals, only Umar Qaid is not enough. Such criminals should be charged penalty- sentence to death.



People should fight for this, so that this blot can be remove from our society.

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12 thoughts on “Can sentence to death full stop the rape cases?

  1. Another point – Since a very young age boys and girls are seggregated. Neither interracts with the other. When the hormones kick in, neither gender knows the other as human beings with intelligence and normal human frailties and feelings. They know them in their predefined roles. Anything different is termed bad. The perpetrators of these crimes take advantage of these terms – bad people should be punished. What’s more, we’ll mete out the punishment and they go ahead and violate a person with justification. But violating a person is a punishable offense and as you rightly said only fear of punishment will stop this animal behaviour in the volume it is happening now.


    • Yes! I completely agree with this solution. At least with the help of this punishment, a fear surrounds those people who have such intentions.


  2. Ankita, with the police making excuse after excuse not to register a rape case, I feel that should be our first priority. They accuse the victim of being out late, wearing inappropriate clothes but they don’t blame the perpetrator of the crime. If the victim’s family and friends of both genders, if organisations like “Violence Against Women” go with the victim to the police stantion in a show of support, they’d be forced to register the case.


    • Dear Kayemofnmy,
      they generally escape to file the case as they feel people will have a disrespect feeling for them and their family. People don’t see the criminal’ fault and at the end.. girl has to suffer.


  3. Dude.. I ‘m not much into reading, but somehow I got to read lots of articles on your blog. Its amazing how interesting it is for me to visit you very often.


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