Let’s Celebrate! It’s a Girl

In India, you may have heard thousands of stories about selective abortion and girl child abusing. It is very humiliating that even today, people and society have a kind of thinking and culture. If a family does not have any boy child, people take it as an incomplete family. Does it mention anywhere that giving the birth to boy child will make your family complete? The world says that there is no difference between a girl and a boy. You can take it as a myth because there is no place, where you can’t observe such discriminating attitude of the society. There is a thing that disturbs me most of times, when I hear something like – Oh shit! It’s a girl or mother is a curse as she can’t give birth to male child. You should celebrate that you are blessed with a girl child instead of start cursing that mother who had given birth to that baby.

She is a doll, pamper her with soft toys and ribbons

She is a princess, you cannot have another one like her.

She only expects some love, respect and care

Show her your affection, hold the hand and she will be always there.

Whether she is a mother or a wife, a daughter or a sister

She gives one of her smile to you, she is the one who cares for you

She is a divine, a creation of lord

Let her live, give her a life- her life for the sake of God.

We cannot deny that girls are more special and people should salute the girl power. How can the critics’ follow-up the future of their family, if there would be no girl? This is the thing that I would love to change about our Indian mentality. I want to make them feel about the importance of a girl. I love my parents not because they have just given me a birth, but they have given me a new life- my life. I just want to say all of you that once in a life you will get married and have babies. If the God bless you with a girl child, don’t forget to say- “Let’s celebrate! It’s a girl.”

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This post is a part of Indiblogger contest- Stayfree “Time to change.” Raise the voice and make a difference is a thought behind this contest.


22 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate! It’s a Girl

  1. NICE! that was great piece!! and those lines were just too great! 🙂 🙂 very nice post in short, I too have written on the same issue- female foeticide, please have a look there if you get some time, thanks, all the best.. 🙂


  2. Hi Ankita 🙂

    Its really true what you have said… Even i was born as one such unwanted child as felt by my relatives except my mother… But these days we the younger generations are more concerned over these and factually we love giving birth to girl child and this is one thing i’ve found from my friends and relatives… So happy to know that this situation is getting eradicated day by day and guess it ‘ll be out of our country in near future 🙂


  3. Yes, lets celebrate.
    I find more and more young parents are overjoyed when they get a girl baby.
    Recently , my nephew, was slightly upset when he came to know , they are fathering a male child!!!Carrying it a little too far now 🙂


  4. I showed this to my parents. They’re both gynaecologists and face a lot of flak from their patients for refusing to reveal the sex of the unborn child. They liked this post a lot, too. We wholeheartedly agree with you. Promoted on Indivine. 😀


  5. Well it is still common in the village side, but india is changing and these are getting reduced. Now girls have equal respect and status in India as boys. But nice to bring up this point


  6. yes I like the change.But its difficult to digest the fact that how could someone even think like that.But i believe that such things never happen in urban cities. Do they?. I believe that every living being born has the right to live.Its weird and sad that such things even happens these days .


  7. its true there is still some people dont want a baby as a girl….but we should celebrate for girl child also,becoz they are very caring as compare to boys.Girls are really god gift and they are very precious.

    nice blog ankita…..
    keep it up


    • Recently one of my friend is blessed with a boy child and he had given us some return gifts while saying – Keep these gifts as there is a boy child born in our family. When I said what would you give when you have a girl child someday. You know what he said- There would be no celebrations, if any girl child take birth in our family. It was 23 February 2012. And the family lives in Shalimar Bagh.


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