Trends can be followed at anytime, First learn to be nice!

Every time, when I go somewhere and meet people, they teach me new trends. In the professionalism, how to speak with your boss? How should you treat your team leader? What should you do in the office and what should be ignored? They make a list of questions and expect from me to follow the answers in my career. Well!! Firstly, I want to clear my thoughts. They want from you to be honest towards them, but when we try to be honest with them, they take our points otherwise. Why it happens when you want to say it in a right way, they take it in a negative sense and start dominating you for it.Image

One thing that this life taught me is we can learn the trends of this world anytime, but first thing that people should follow is treat their fellows nicely. It is not about any hierarchy of the company, it’s about every person living with lots of frustrations and tension in their life. You must have heard about – “Give respect and get respect.” It is a fact and one should follow this policy in his lifestyle. If you can’t treat any person respectfully, how can you expect the same thing in return from them? You should know how to greet people. I really love the “Tehzeeb” that is taught by muslims to their children from the starting and this is the thing that I really appreciate about them. They know the real meaning of “mehmaan nawazi” and “Tehzeeb” in real terms. I am not stating any biased term. I have some friends from which I have learnt that any person can live in this world by following the world and its trends, but can you buy a caring heart? May be people say about me that I am friendly enough, but only few of my buddies know that I don’t show concern to any of them, unless I take them as one of my good friends. I can talk with people, I can even share some of my stories to them, but when it is about concerning..Well! Only a few friends are there that I can count in my list.

It is true that finding nice people on this earth can be taken as a challenge. If you are one of those goodies, then let me tell you.. You are one of the unicorns that can be seen rarely. And if I am not mistaken, every one of us wants to be different. I think being a good person will make you feel proud instead of showing people wrong attitude. You can learn the culture of any state or country, but first you need to learn something good. If you are working in any company, try to learn and accept good deeds of your colleagues instead of just pointing out their mistakes. Every person came into the life to teach you something, then why not we should allow him to edify our personality. You should not be rude when they tell you about your shortcomings. You should always try to rectify your faults in lieu of debating with them. You should feel happy that someone at least contributed 1% to make you perfect and rest of the 99% will be covered step by step. You should feel blessed as you have got another chance to make a new mistake in a right manner!


4 thoughts on “Trends can be followed at anytime, First learn to be nice!

  1. Very well written Ankita. Humanity is the core principle that needs to be practiced in our daily lives and that is the way forward. Criticism definitely should be taken in good spirits if we want to evolve as a better human being.


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