It happens!!

Once a while, for a minute, you must have liked a person. It happens and usually people take it as a love at first sight.
It happens, when you actually fall in love with someone and you are unaware of things that your heart feels.
It happens when you get to know about it, you are too late to take any decision.
The story begin with a simple “hello” word, when two strangers shows interest in each other. After a period, they become good friends and yes!! It is just their beginning. They laugh, they chat, they share moments and spend time together. A lot of excitement can be seen in them for meeting each other for the first time. What should I wear to look nice? Is this outfit okay for today? Am I looking fat? This dress will suit me or not? Come on! Haven’t you went for a date. These things once a while must be came into your mind too. Anyways, lets focus on the further part.
Slowly and steadily, they start liking each other’s company and become habitual of it. May be it’s love, may be it is just attraction or sometimes lust that you cannot judge. It happens, when life stuck them in some situations that they don’t realized. ‘Baby! I cannot live without you, Come to me please I am dying to see you, I miss you, I love you, etc.’ are the lines that they probably use at least thrice time a day. Sure, there is nothing wrong in it, but the point is not about whether they can live without with each other or not, the point is- can they live with each other and can they live for each other? Every person has his lifestyle, his thoughts and his personality. You cannot be attached with any one and not every person can be mentioned in your admiring list. It is someone really special that makes you to think about love. And the best part is when you are aware about things that your heart says to you for him/her. Surely you will accept that it gives you a feeling of being lucky when it happens to you. You share what you feel with your partner and best part is when another person also feel the same for you. In the mind of the boy-“Chal yaar teri to nikal padi warna bezatti ho jati” and the girl says to her heart- “pehle nahi bol sakta tha. Itna time waste kiya.”
This is the situation that usually can be seen when they both have fallen in love with each other.

But what to do when there is no love. You know what I want to talk about now. Yes! it’s one-sided love and people who are failed to understand on time and they curse their destiny for it. Well… I cannot understand. I mean why people do this. If you cannot admit in front of the person that you love him/her, then you should not at least imprecate your fate. Lets give your life another chance and make it fast forward towards new beginning. It is just a part of life that does not make your heart failure at least! One more important thing, if the person is already in a relationship, then don’t ever tell even don’t try to think about discussing the matter. It is a fact when you will do this, he/she won’t even take you as a friend as well. I know now you gonna say that it really happens!! Isn’t?


3 thoughts on “It happens!!

  1. I’d need to have to consult you here. Which isn’t some thing Which i do! I enjoy reading a post that can make men and women feel. Also, appreciate your permitting me to comment! 750195


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