One Should Move On When Friends Ignore Him

There was a time when you went and took a round the malls, watched movies, bunked classes with your friends. Now, there is a time when they don’t even want to hear your name. It is true that friends filled your life with unforgettable and joyful moments. They share both the happiness and sorrow, but then life drove them in the other world- their world. This time, they don’t want to hear your voice at all. Yes, it does hurt the person when his friend ignores him.

It is a crucial point when you realize that a person you thought was a close friend is not treating you in a way he treated before. This is the high time to evaluate the relationship’s value. Start asking yourself about the situation. Is there mutual understanding present between you both? Does he disrespect you ever?  Although you can argue with your buddy for long and he won’t hear you anymore.

Honesty is a best policy. Every relationship demands honesty and it’s a basic requirement for every relation. If you have decided to wind up the relationship, it would be good when it is done with calmness and straight thoughts. But when you end it with a heat of an argument, that moment one of you could be hurt personally. It’s better not to say worst about each other; otherwise it will leave you with a frustrating feeling. It is a sign from the God as he open up new opportunities for you.

Letting go the person is a tough task, but necessary for both of you to live a happy life. No one can force the person to stay with him and that is what you should not do. Forcing a person to be your friend is not at all a good idea. It is rather a stupid thing. So please grow up and let him go, if he wants to. In the mean time, you should make and develop your public relation, make new friends and do what else you always wanted to try.

It is very important for you to understand yourself first, instead of understanding other person. No one else can know about your dark and the best side. It is only you who knows better the inside person of yours. If you are comfortable with your attitude, it is easy make others comfortable and happy too. You should know your importance in their life. Never rush for finding new friends as making a quality friend is much better than the quantity one.


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