Have you heard about confession of a serial dieter?

It’s now a ‘Kalli Purie’ magic that surrounds the B’town. The story of the book- “Confession of a Serial Dieter” is about a girl who struggled a lot with her weight since her childhood. It does not have tips to gain a perfect shape. Kalli reveals her confession about her dieting secrets that helped her in losing the weight and how much she is happy now is smartly depicted in her story. You can actually imagine her lifestyle and episodes of her life. When people have complex feeling about their increasing weight, they start rushing towards bookstore and look out for some books that contain weight reducing tips.

Talking about “Confession of a Serial Dieter” it is not about what things should be done to stop putting weight on your body. The story acts as a motivator and tells people how to work on their fatty body kilo by kilo. It is about the writer who experienced weight lost and gained a new life. The story is written to inspire real life serial dieters and help them in achieving their dream of attaining slim and perfect figure by motivating them.  It is about the struggling era of every person who is fighting everyday with his overweight life. Follow it and see how an ugly duckling can change into a beautiful swan.


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