A tribute

We all have friends in our life. Some of us have many and some have only a few to count. Whenever you met those friends, have you felt that they are changed now? Hmmm well I don’t think so. Friends are always the same as they were before and never change themselves for you. It was my school fiat, where I met my schoolmates and close buddies after five years. it was my superb day as I met my school teachers. It was a great feeling that they all remember my name and even I too. They are now getting older, wrinkles can be seen easily on their faces, but still those years and memories are still present in their mind. Talking about the event, a word- Wow! lots of games and food were there for us. We all enjoyed a lot. It was a marvelous tribute by school as teachers and students have participated. They were celebrating the two things- Happy 100 years of Delhi and the Birthday of D.A.V. school. Being a Davian, I was remembering my old days that I spent there. We all roam in the school and memories surrounded us. There was our basket ball court, there was our nursery classroom, all the structure is now changed. We were observing the things that was not there when we were here. Still it feels awesome when we called it our school. What we are now is just because of our school teachers. I want to thank them all for making us so much self-dependent. Love you all. 


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