Apple launches its iPhone 4S

This time when people eagerly waited for the day of launching iPhone 5, but Apple again surprised them by launching the iPhone 4S on October 4th in Cupertino. Yes it is a new Smartphone and not an iPhone that people were expecting to be. Although it is similar to iPhone when we talk about its structure build. It has the same body with 3.5 inch screen and an 8 mega pixel camera. You can shoot a full 1080p HD video.
The iPhone 4S loaded with Apple’s new operating system – iOS 5. It also offers new applications like news-stand, several photo and video editing software. The important part is it enables this Smartphone to wireless sync with iTunes from the iCloud apps and store music, backups and upgrades as well.
Of course it is an exciting Smartphone yet it is not the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S is offering a new iMessage app which will overtake the Apple’s Blackberry messenger. The Assistant is another cool feature that enables the user to speak with device and automatically get the result. Suppose you want to play a song, just say the name of the song and your iPhone 4S will play it.

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