Salman wreaks at Amrita Arora`s bash !!!

He didn`t earn the title of Bollywood`s bad boy for nothing. After spoiling the mood of every guest on his girlfriend Katrina Kaif`s birthday last year, Sallu Bhayi  set free his side of drunken hell at Amrita Arora`s wedding smash last night.
Reports claim the actor was unruly and rude towards reporters who had gathered to cover the high-profile event in Mumbai, and had seemingly lost his marbles towards the end of the party. Salman was especially angry at a reporter who continued to poke him about his fight with Shahrukh Khan early last year.
Later, a drunk Salman took an auto ride back home – leaving Katrina behind!
Actress Amrita Arora`s and Shakeel Ladak wed on March 4 according to Catholic rituals. A formal nikaah will follow on March 6.
We now have images of plastered Salman trying to get into an autorickshaw. For the record, the actor had arrived in a Mercedes-Benz.
Good luck with the hangover and the headlines Sallu.

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