Govt not active on terror?

Terror reared its ugly head on Friday once again, when almost simultaneous blasts ripped through court complexes in Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad. Even as the wounds of the Ajmer-e-Sharif blasts begin to heal, terror struck in the civil courts of Lucknow, Faizabad and Varanasi. Once again, it brings to the fore the vulnerability of the state when it comes to terror attacks. After gunning for soft targets like public spots and places of religious worship, miscreants this time turned to the judiciary. Nothing is safe any more. Instead of acting, the government will only react to terror. And the set pattern follows- security will be tightened, an inquiry commission will be set up and analysis and post-mortem of the incident will be carried out. For the common man, living with terror becomes increasingly real. Isn’t it high time that the government stops reacting and starts becoming pro-active on terror?


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