Telivision and children

There is constant discussion these days between the parents, teachers, and the general public regarding what TV does to children, the idiot box often blamed for inadequate reading skills and insufficient writing abilities on the part of children, irregular attendance of children in school, listlessness, lethargy, absent minded in classes etc. children are an essential part and parcel of the society and they can not be shielded from this social drama. for ex in a metropolis like Delhi over the past five years, traffic has increased hundred fold on the roads and has become a major hazard to life yet we can’t stop it. all that we can do is to tech children how to cope up with it. How does a mother do it? She first carries her child hand while crossing the road , later on she holds his hands & urges him to cross fast. Gradually she starts sending him on errands in the vicinity. By the time the child is eleven or twelve , he his able to transact the D.T.C buses independently. Ultimately what matters is the parental guide. The same is true with TV viewing. The family has to help children to develop right habits. Time has to be set apart for study, play,TV watching and sleep & this needs to be strictly adhered to. Relaxation can certainly be made for week-ends & holidays but during working days, the schedule needs to be maintained. this, of course , requires total family involvement.If the father comes home after work & watches a movie on the TV, on can’t expect children not to be distracted. It is particularly true in small houses as children may not have an independent study room and generally sit around in the living room during their homework. Even if they have a study room. the noise level of the movie is too high and it affects the attention Span of the children. It is better for parents to indulge in such activities either when the children sleep or when they are in the school.

several negative impacts of tv on children :-

obesity problem arises

Give birth to violence thinking among children

Eyesight can be week

Now ,a word on how TV can actually foster reading habits than hamper it. For eg- from time to time tv shows fairy tales like Cinderella, sleeping beauty, the beauty and the beast etc.. which actaully motivate many children to go to the library and pick up these books. After viewing it on tv , they enjoy reading the bookmuch more as they could picturise any situations.Teachers can easily follow up these programes in class by introducing story reading sessions, particularly for those whom library facilities are not easily available.



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